NCSAEL offers a wide range of security services to keep your network, IT systems and data safe and secure

Strengthen Your Security Posture With Ncsael

NCSAEL provides a wide variety of services ranging from Design and Development of indigenous tools/ softwares to carry out Security assessment and auditing of foreign and local IT security products/ services to the detection of zero-day vulnerabilities and malware analysis.We also help organizations prepare for the Commmon Criteria Testing/ evaluation of their developed IT products


Strengthen Your Security Posture With Our
Cyber Security Testing Services

Security Assessment and Auditing of existing IT Products/ Services:

NCSAEL conducts security evaluation and screening of your existing IT products and services in accordance with internationally recognized IT evaluation standards namely Common Criteria (CC), NIST/ FIPS etc. This helps ensure that the products being evaluated is free of potential vulnerabilities, security misconfigurations, etc

Indigenous Development of Specialized Secure Tools/ Software

NCSAEL is also involved in design and development of specialized secure tools/ softwares that can be used to perform security evaluation of a wide range of IT products; Operating Systems, Windows Applications, Mobile Applications, Websites and firmware

Detection of Zero-day Malwares/ Advanced Persistent Threats

NCSAEL is focused on proactive detection of APTs, anomalies, malicious behaviors etc. or thereby preventing the risk of ever-escalating cyber-attacks

Network Security/ Network Penetration Testing

Our team of highly skilled pentesters can perform penetration testing of your organization's network, websites and other critical services

Preparedness for Common Criteria products Evaluation

Looking for security testing of your developed IT product? We help you prepare for the international Common Criteria Product Evaluation to move up the information security maturity curve easily

Information Security Consultancy

NCSAEL also provides consultancy services to organizations regarding effectively securing their network perimeter, IT assets, websites, sensitive data etc., thereby minimizing potential damage from cyber-attacks

Internship Programs

NCSAEL’s Internship programs help students gain first hand knowledge regarding information security

Trainings and Workshops

NCSAEL’s Security Experts frequently conduct Information security trainings and workshops to professionals from industry, military, academia etc., in the domain of Ethical Hacking, Security Auditing and Evaluation, Penetration Testing, Digital Forensics, Malware Analysis etc

Undergraduate Advisory Program

Connect with us to begin your journey of learning today and leading tomorrow. The main purpose of this program is to assist and guide students in transforming their final year project ideas into products, provide them training and professional development, make them aware of cyber technologies, and to prepare them for national competitions.

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NCSAEL's Core Areas of Emphasis

"One single vulnerability is all an attacker needs" -Window Snyder